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Compo rules

Traditionally, we're gonna have graphics, music, intro, demo game and wild compo for Atari XL/XE.

Entries should be sent to and although the deadline is on 6 January 2024 at 12:00, you can make it easier for us if you can send it earlier. We'll let you know if we've received your entry.

Remote entries are welcome.

Every participant can vote, this includes people who buy the online ticket.

Winners will get prizes!

General rules:

  • before the entry is shown, we'll try to display some info about it (name, machine requirements, file size etc.),
  • entries must have never been shown before,
  • we need at least one entry for a compo to go ahead,
  • no plagiarism, no remixes, only fresh, new stuff (or if it's not so new, it's never been released),
  • music entries should be delivered in one of the regular formats or as executable files,
  • music entries shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes,
  • entries should be delivered with an info file (with at least title, authors, what compo it's for etc),
  • entries that don't meet the above requirements might or might not be moved to wild compo,
  • by submitting an entry you declare its freeware status.


  • Our config: Atari XL/XE + 1MB RAM (PortB), stereo, covox, VBXE,
  • entries that need an external memory should allow to choose the bank either as an built-in option, or via an external config, or via additional block (which won't count against the filesize in size restricted compos),
  • illegal 6502 opcodes are... illegal,
  • Atari is such a nice machine which allows for different expansions to work together. Making purposefully an entry that won't work with them is against the spirit of the party (and against the rules).


  • Demo Compo

  • 16 KB Intro Compo:

    • file size limit: 16 KB (who would've guessed that!).
  • 1 KB Intro Compo:

    • file size limit: 1 KB respectively (who would've guessed that!).
  • 256 B Intro Compo:

    • file size limit: 256 B respectively (who would've guessed that!).
  • Music Compo:

    • .MOD files supported by Protracker 1.5 by MadTeam or files that can be imported in Neotracker, max 62 samples. For .NEO it's also max 62 samples.
  • Graphics Compo:

  • VBXE Graphics Compo:

    • resolution up to 336x240px, 256 colours, by default we'll use the FX 1.26 core (if it requires a different one, it should be included as an .XBF file).
  • Game compo:

    • no file size limit,
    • if you deliver it on a cart, you should also provide a file/files that allow people to create a cart and/or a version supported by emulators,
    • during the compo the authors or designated people can show the gameplay and talk about the game for up to 5 minutes,
    • you can let people play the game on the compo day before the actual compo, you need to provide the hardware, you can't spread it before the compo.
  • Wild Compo:

    • surprise us!